Georgian Entrepreneurs among the President Obama’s Guests

<strong>Georgian Entrepreneurs among the President Obama’s Guests</strong>


The U. S. President is a host to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit since 2010. The Summit aims at bringing together innovative start-ups and potential investors to enhance worldwide exchange of ideas end experience, investments, wealth creation and entrepreneurship encouragement for the purpose of making the better Global Welfare.

The U.S. President – Barack Obama will host the 7th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit ( at Stanford University (Silicon Valley) ( on June 22-24, 2016. Several thousand people all over the world applied for participation in the event. The applicants were evaluated according to the strictest criteria and all of them went under a strict scrutiny. Finally, only100 persons from each continent were selected to participate in the Summit.

Mr. David Chichinadze – the Operations Director at MyGPS Company ( is among the selected 100 European Innovative Entrepreneurs to attend the Summit.

The Company MyGPS (managed by Mikheil Chakaberia – the General Director) has created series of LED Lights on the basis of its own technological design and by using the most advanced American and European component parts and details. The lights have already received relevant certifications and reports from the accredited labs with implications on the product as with the best technical specifications in the field.

The LED Lights  ( are already in production in Georgia and according to Mr. Temur Matua, the Financial Director of the Company, hundreds of the Lights are already lightning some of Georgia’s streets.

The MyGPS Directors satisfactorily mention about the success of winning the competition to participate in the Summit and hope for bringing significant investments for producing LED Lights in Georgia.


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