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Easier Control, Save Time and Money

MyGPS LLC, as a pioneer in Georgia for vehicle fleet management and production of hi-tech, has been established in 2007 and is headquartered in Tbilisi Georgia. The company is leader in GPS devices production, retailing and post-purchase servicing, fuel consumption control and automation of management systems. It is the only company on Georgian market that produces GPS devices. The experience and trust gained throughout the years has ensured company’s leading position securing more than 57% of the local market share. Its turnover in 2014 amounted to more than 4’100’000 GEL (USD 2’500’000) employing 35 qualified personnel.

The Company has created the software that provides services to hundreds of companies and facilitates their limitless control 24/7 thousands of vehicles. The delegations of the company always visits international fairs and exhibitions to always be a step ahead and follow new technological trends to introduce on Georgian Market.

MyGPS LLC creates individual business application to meet very specific needs of its customers. The general software is user-friendly and very flexible to be adopted and customized easily.

The Company practices team-work policies that have become one of the undeniable causes of the success.

We constantly work very hard to develop new and efficient solutions that can be a nice blend quality, price and innovation!

Use GPS trackers and ease up the control. You can drastically decrease your vehicle maintenance cost and improve transportation services, have full information 24/7 on your property not only in Georgia but in 195 countries around the globe.

Inform your customers about you using GPS technologies to ensure timeliness, preciseness and quality in your company.

  • Mission: Easier Control, Save time and money
  • Goal: Limit material, financial and human resource wastage in the companies improving output delivery with Hi-Tech Solutions.
  • Motto: What Seemed Impossible

Mikheil Chakaberia



Dr. David Chichinadze



Temuri Matua



By Years

  • 2007 July 27 MyGPS LLC established. Developed Software launched and Concept of service provision adopted.

  • 2008 First advertisement campaign launched and first cooperation started. Awareness and interest to vehicle fleet management systems raised.

  • 2009 Fuel Monitoring System elaborated. New product GoLive created and launched with Wissol Group Georgia.

    Golive is an Exclusive Result of a successful integration of Wissol corporative plastic fuel card and GPS/GPRS system technically designed and implemented by MyGPS LLC not only making fuel discharge on the Wissol fuel station transparent but verifying beneficiary vehicle location for the moment along with full package ot the fleet management, fuel consumption control, reporting, etc.

    So far the solution remains unique on Georgian market.

  • 2009 the Company got in management optimization of Georgian Railway and digitalization of trains movement and dispatching. The successful cooperation continues on. MyGPS LLC  developed new M2 and Md1 devices that have additional functions and is customized for Electric trains and Diesel Locomotives. The Company developed special software for Railway, established dispatching center and autoblocking system through which the administration monitors the movement of trains 24/7.

  • 2010 MyGPS LLC launched cooperation with “Mekanizatori” LLC (Ministry of Agriculture) developing for their specific needs M1-can with additional function compatible with different models of tractors and their monitoring. In addition to standard function extra features include number of engine turns, moto-hours, etc.

  • 2011 MyGPS LLC launched cooperation with United Water Supply Company focusing on installing specifically designed GPS G1 receiver’s installation on water pumps along with special software to run and control water pumps without leaving the office, preset on/off time programmable, SMS controllable. The soft can measure water pressure, set pumping schedule and check on status of the pumps.

  • 2012 Mass production of GPS devices launched due to increased demand on the market.

  • 2012 the Company developed software for Batumi and Rustavi municipal transportation and introduced LED displays for passenger info.

  • 2013 the Company movied in to new office, reorganized the organisational structure as more employees joined the team.

  • Under the Ministry of Education and Science Program “Support for General Education”, MyGPS LLC provides daily school bus services for over 12’000 pupils of public schools in Abkhazeti, Samegrelo, Zemo-Svaneti regions. The Program aims at transporting pupils from and to remote areas in accordance of the set time-schedule of the school.

    Company has engaged over 400 persons for the proper fulfilment of the Program.

  • 2013 MyGPS LLC prepared LED displays for Wissol Group to replace mechanical displays to show fuel prices that needed physical efforts to change time to time. New displays can be changed remotely from central office, by SMS and by USB card, and it displays time, temperature, prices or any text.

  • 2013 International monitoing coverage relaunched for 195 countries over the globe.

  • 2014 the Company ugraded software adding new features to make data analitics more precise, easier and user-friendly.

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