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MyGPS LLC provides 24/7 uninterrupted online monitoring of vehicle fleet. After having installed GPS tracker on any vehicle you will be granted user and pass to the system to enable you monitor your property. The system is basically tailored to any needs with capacity for further upgrading and customizing. The monitoring is available in Georgia as well as in 195 countries around the globe.

With any device connected to the internet you can determine the location of the vehicle, its speed, dynamics of its movement, mileage made, start/stop time and location, quantity of fuel in the tank and many other features.

We provide various types of reports as per you need that shows precise mileage, engine hours, fuel consumed. You can download and convert printable reports in any format suitable for you. You can upgrade to identify the driver, check driving authorization and compare actual route with the planned one. All of this enables you to make efficient logistical decisions.

Fuel control  can be done as follows:

  1. You can control consumption of the fuel via flowmeter (Swiss made) that shows precise quantity used by the engine;
  2. You can control fuel consumption with fuel sensor that is installed in the fuel tank and measures the remaining fuel in it. The data is visualized on the graphs that clearly show when and how much fuel has been added to the tank or if any sudden drop is detected which can alert you for potential fuel theft. Graph shows all the analytics of the data that, coupled with all other GPS data, can indicate appropriateness of your vehicle usage.

The history is kept for 1 year though extended periods can be negotiated based on your particular needs.

GPS Tracker Installation is kept undisclosed for third parties at the request of the owner of the vehicle. The technical procedures do NOT anyway interfere or involve any modifications in the board computer of the vehicle. It ONLY uses battery to power up monitoring system. The installation may vary from 30 minutes to longer depending the vehicle model.

Monitoring is enabled through easy and user-friendly software that can be used on any device (computer, mobile devices) that is connected to the internet via dedicated web-site and user/password combination. No special skills or training is required to use the software but brief explicatory instructions provided by MyGPS LLC.

Monitoring System works 24/7 uninterruptedly anywhere using GPS and mobile operator coverage. In case of mobile signal loss the geolocation data is stored locally in the system and as soon as the connection is restored is submitted to the server. The system needs GPS coverage for smooth functioning.

Coverage includes whole territory of Georgia and 195 countries around the globe including Europe, Asia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia. NO ROAMING FEEES APPLY but fixed price.

Maps are freely optional to the customer’s preference that has searchable addresses. The maps and objects on it are visualized using different legend (colors, drawings, data collection points, etc.) for easier reference. Some of the data (speed, date, time, location, mileage, etc.) is accessible on the map. As a basic package the data is collated from the vehicle every 10 seconds with engine running and longer when off. Maps can be updated to reflect point of your particular interest (distribution customers, gas stations, taxi locations, etc.) For detailed information, please, contact our stuff.

Routes and Zone can be predefined for any particular vehicle within which it is authorized to move. Any breach is immediately reported to predefined phone and/or e-mail with exact information the breaching vehicle. You can monitor stopping times, check on authorized route, allowed speed, etc.

Confidentiality is ensured by securing the access to your data and limiting it to predefined persons. The data is ONLY observable by you and even MyGPS LLC support personnel is limited in it unless circumstances require so.

Warranty of the devices is 3 years extendible to longer periods under negotiable terms.

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